Malofiej 15's first day:
Chock-full of convergence

Pamplona - Thursday's workshop agenda looks great at a glance, including cool sessions on marrying print and online graphics. That's a consistent theme here so far, convergence, and specifically how the expansion of storytelling in media other than print provides both opportunity and challenge. The stuff we're hearing about addresses that ambitious intersection, the sweet spot we're all trying to find in our newsrooms.

The speakers for the first workshop day include Matt Ericson of The New York Times, Alejandro Tumas of Clarin, Luis Miguel Taklim of AnyForms, Dave Gray of XPlane, Marcelo Valoncini of RCS (both Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta delio Sport in Milano), Don Wittekind of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Aitor Eguinoa of 90grados.

Jonathon Berlin
promises his first video reports soon will be "so amateur you won't believe I made them with an actual professional camera." Hey, it's all about the content, right?

Plus we'll give all the information by session, talk with some of the folks in short videos (um, we will try our best at a professional product) and pick up any handouts the speaker let us share so we can make them available as downloads. Here at The Blog, we aim to please.

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