Malofiej 15 speakers:
The language of visuals

Pamplona - Terrific stuff from Dave Gray at XPLANE this afternoon about "the cost of information going up" and how visual communication helps to clarify in the middle of all that clutter. The session's title "What is Visual Thinking?" was meant to be a teaser for an answer we all know, namely that visualizing is how most of us "think" in the first place, that, for instance, we say "I see" when we comprehend what someone is saying to us.

Or "picture this" when we're trying to help people "see" our ideas, abstract concepts, tough stuff.

Dave showed a lot of really engaging imagery, showed that the world of visual communication is all around us. It's in no smoking signs and airport safety instructions.

Images alone.
Images and words tightly integrated.
The image of what we "mean to say" all around us.
Every day. Always.

My example is from the Malofiej program, which I quickly shot with my digital camera while Dave was talking. Incidentally, one of the distractions to clarity can be all these gadgets we have, can't it? My Blackberry is even in the darn photo!

Anyway, the organizers here did a cool series: It's a great group of pictograms on the program that "show" the summit in easy steps, from the alarms of waking up to showering to cocktails to listening at sessions to leaving.

That little guy in the foreground with the tear and the suitcase? That's me on Saturday when I say so long to Spain.

The point? Almost all of us are visual learners and companies (not just newspapers) should capitalize on that, use that innate natural instinct of how we learn to aid understanding (of brand, products, the news, just everything). It's a powerful way to look at our work.



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