Malofiej 15 speakers:
Clarin's World Cup graphics

Pamplona - Super cool work this morning from Alejandro Tumas at Clarin on Argentina's appearance in the World Cup, who showed how the graphics team began using statistical analysis in its coverage. The idea was to help fans understand the action beyond the visceral experience. As Alejandro said, it was to allow that time for reflection of who scored, how and where things could have been improved in the emotional ride of elimination.

We're trying to get his presentation so we can post some high quality examples (much better to see it, we think, than try to have us tell you about it). Jonathon Berlin is off working on that while I do the updates from speakers, so expect more soon. For now, we leave you a taste of it with a photo from inside the session room.

Oh, and this shameless plug: Don't forget that the 2009 SND Workshop & Exhibition will be in Buenos Aires!

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