Malofiej 15 speakers:
A call for more interactivity

Pamplona - The opportunity for transforming visual journalism has never been greater, but there needs to be an increased focus on making Web graphics more interactive if we're going to realize the potential as a profession. That's the challenge Don Wittekind of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill put to the crowd here on Thursday when he delivered a smart presentation that was aimed at stirring new thought in the field.

Using his experiences as a juror here for the interactive graphics portion of Malofiej, Don encouraged looking at each story individually and deciding how it could be best told using all the tools at our disposal, work that truly utilizes the power of online to make users engage on new levels. Don encouraged pushing beyond what we know the form can already do, relying less on the expected and working harder toward the immersive experience.

And that's a common refrain here this week: The need to expand online graphics storytelling as the medium matures by putting together that "Bart and Lisa Simpson" combination.

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