Hungry for fresh type ideas?

The James Beard award nominees were just announced, so we began scouting to see if we knew any of the journalists among the honorees. But what we found is that you can learn a lot from some of the restaurant design categories, which award design of actual spaces and graphics in menus, advertising, signs and the like.

Base Design studio does this kind of stuff. Their work for Stand, a burger place in New York City, has that very cool modern and almost-tech feel that many papers are striving to make come through. And does that type above remind you of anything? Mmmmm, burger.

Then there is Baron and Baron, that amazing company doing everything from books and photos to fashion magazines and installations at art museums. The design they did for Buddakan really exercises the brand image they have chosen, creating an aesthetic through a really aggressive use of typography. The Flash site they built for the place is also sort of awesome.

Memo Productions, which also achieves that cool and funky modern rounded feel in a lot of its work through a smart use of accent type with flair and associated type that lets the character come to the first level, did some cool stuff for Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles. The place is about to open, and Memo helped with the branding to get a new site, press kits, just the works, ready for prime time. Check out the accent and color working together on the preview site. Really beautiful.

As they say in the food industry: Enjoy!



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