Helvetica Haikus

In honor of the premiere of the movie Helvetica at SXSW, the folks over at Extensis held a little contest where people could send in haikus about fonts. Some gems:
A couple on Helvetica ...

Dear Helvetica,
Wish I had your style and class
Regards, Arial

Helevetica sits,
watching you try the new fonts.
It knows you'll be back.

you are a default
i change you to futura
but you haunt me still

This one's funny for Web nerds ...

font: normal 2em
color: #f00;

A couple on other fonts ...

morning press run:
the Bodoni extra bold
glistening blackly

Egg-shaped and awkward,
and you have no descenders.
I hate you, Hobo.

comic sans is on
taped-up public bathroom signs
for patrons only.

My favorite, also on Comic Sans ...

Hey guys! LOL!
I forward jokes! And cat pics!
I heart MSN.

You can read all the entries over at the Extensis blog and check out the winners.

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