Election '07:
SND announces candidates

Immediate past president Christine McNeal announced the 2007 secretary/treasurer candidates to the board of directors last night: "I'm pleased to announce that we have two amazing candidates for the ballot this year. Bonita Burton and Denise M. Reagan each have agreed to run for secretary/treasurer. As you all know, Denise and Bo have lead SND through projects big and small. You'll be reading more about their qualifications later. For now, please congratulate our candidates ... and thank them for their commitment to SND."

Bonita Burton, associate managing editor for visuals at the Orlando Sentinel, oversees news design, photography and graphics. Before joining the Sentinel, Bonita was the first business design director at the San Jose Mercury News. She was hired as a member of the small core team that redesigned the paper in an intense four months, an effort that won multiple awards, including "World's Best Designed" distinction from SND. She's also worked in various roles at the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Daily News and the Salt Lake Tribune, winning SND honors for her individual page designs, overall portfolio and redesigns. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been a visiting faculty member at Poynter, API and several universities. She has served as a regional director and quick course chair for SND and brought last year's annual workshop to Orlando. Learn more about her at: http://web.mac.com/boburton/iWeb/boburton

Denise M. Reagan has been making connections between words and visuals since she entered the news design field 17 years ago. After graduating from the University of Florida in Gainesville, she has designed and art directed pages at The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Ind.; the Detroit Free Press; the Star Tribune in Minneapolis; the Savannah Morning News; and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. As editor of SND's newsletter, Update, Denise stressed the use of non-traditional story forms and high utility for members. She currently serves as the Society's education and training director. She has been a judge for SND's creative competition as well as a judge of the SND.ies, the society's Web design contest. She offers training at quick courses, the Poynter Institute and other journalism gatherings on all areas of visual journalism. Denise is currently assistant managing edtor for visuals at the Florida Times-Union and works part-time as a consultant with MG Redesign.

This is essentially an election for president of The Society for 2010. The person elected as secretary/treasurer is expected to graduate into the role of vice president the following year, and then assumes the presidency after that. The 2010 annual workshop is slated for Denver.

Stay tuned here for additional information about the candidates and election details. We're hoping we can get them both to post ideas on where the Society should be heading.

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Anonymous Robb Montgomery said...


I am posting this comment from Riga as I am just now discovering this new blog. This blog seems a natural evolution path for Update that will now give more people in SND the experience of building online communities. Paldies!

So this announcement about Bonita and Denise means I will be looking in my budget to buy another SND membership so that I may cast a ballot for each of these talented news executives.

The alternative, to have to choose between them, is too painful to consider.

It is great that both Bo and Denise are being recognized as leaders, good luck to you both in this race.


Saturday, March 24, 2007 5:58:00 PM  
Blogger Matt Mansfield said...

Thanks for kicking off the comments here, Robb.

We're excited that we have two top candidates for the SND leadership post. Both of these women, as you say, are more than qualified and the choice will be tough.

What's not a touch choice? Getting a better feedback loop for visual journalism.

One of the coolest things has been how the work you started at VisualEditors really enabled those of us in this world to begin talking to each other more regularly, how we have all begun to share ideas, pages, projects, videos, frustration and, yes, fun each day and how that has helped us build community, a lot like what SND did when it was founded back in 1979. The discourse community now has the benefit of instant analysis, and it's improving our work and relationships in so many ways.

You're right: We can all learn from each other and we're making the globe much easier to trot these days.

Speaking of which: See you on Tuesday at Roka in London. First one's on me!

Saturday, March 24, 2007 9:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Matt.

This week, I am representing the educational mission (Which is the heart and soul of VizEds) by conducting an all-day training for media executives and editors in Warsaw. I now have at least three presentations on these community-building topics. After I made them I realized just how much I have researched and learned in the time since we launched our blogs and boards. Really refines your thinking.

The power of peer-to-peer learning and networks really becomes clear when you are able to travel to other culltures and share these virtual experiences in-person.

P.S. 37 Charlotte Street - (Goodge Street Station)

Sunday, March 25, 2007 10:28:00 AM  

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